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Welcome to your next great book!

I'm Tracy, and I design books for awesome entrepreneurs like you: coaches, speakers, thought leaders, experts with a ton of value to offer, looking for a great way to reach more of your perfect-fit people, spread your ideas, and grow your business.

Your book can do all of that and more, if you're willing to give it the attention it needs. I specialize in designing books (book covers, interior layouts, ebooks and print) that help your perfect fit people find you and experience the very best you have to offer.

If you want your next book to be designed to succeed, start by downloading the free workbook I put together for you. Fill it out with the 6 questions you need to answer to make your book a success. And when you're ready for a top-quality book design that gets your work noticed, admired, and experienced the way it should be, click "work with me" and let's talk.

  • "I was getting ready to release this book and I had no idea how to make it look as awesome as I wanted it to. I wanted to make sure I wasn't over extending myself financially, and I wanted someone who gets me and isn't trying to make me someone I'm not.

    Even your very first drafts showed that you really get who I am and how to represent that visually. It was great! You came up with great concepts and ideas and made my book and worksheets SO MUCH BETTER than I ever would have on my own."
    Dr. Liz Powell
    Author, "Building Open Relationships"


  • "Since I hired Tracy, I have no more sleepless nights when it comes to ANYTHING about my brand. She is my brand guardian. I trusted the Digivisual team with the design of my last book, my new website, and virtually all of my marketing collateral. It all makes sense together. It all works because Tracy gets me, my brand, and what my business is all about - and she's a genius when it comes to helping me communicate that value to my right clients.."
    Lisa Robbin Young
    Author, "Creative Freedom: How to Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul"


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